Tradition of London
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 Chelsea House, Chelsea Street, New Basford, NG7 7HP Nottingham, England
Tel +44 0 115 942 74 62

Tradition of London offer a world wide mail order service of toy soldiers and model figures 25, 30, 54, 90 and 110mm!
All our Toy Soldiers and Model Figures are Handmade in Nottingham, England

We have moved to the following address!

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Tradition of London sells not only our own produced in the UK, Toy soldier and Model figures, but also those of Au Plat d' Etain CBG Mignot, Tradition Scandinavia, Steadfast Soldiers, Bravo Delta Aircraft Models, King and Country, W. Britain, William Britain Classics Collection along with books from Osprey and and our own Tradition Magazine.


Tradition of London Producer and seller of Toy soldiers and model figures